Color Craze

The Inspiration

During the coldest and most treacherous winter that many of us can remember, we needed a little inspiration to pull us through. Thoughts of spring flowers such as forsythia and tulips, summer weddings and endless days at the beach or cottage living, inspired our 6 new Color Concepts Multi Purpose Collection.

Now is the perfect time to embrace color in our interiors as it brings joy, hope and prosperity. We are sure you are going to love this wonderful collection as much as we do.

Now bring on the sun!

Pattern, Texture and Color

It’s time to go back to the archives. Look for the rule book that says pattern, pattern and more pattern. It’s all about how you put it all together. Start with a large floral, add a stripe, a geometric even a houndstooth. Our color books are designed to help you use as much pattern as you like as one pattern follows the next. Each one takes scale and color groupings into consideration. The only decision you have to make is which ones!


Don’t make that sofa feel left out! Today’s interiors invite pattern on sofas and chairs, color on windows and as many patterns as you can use for cushions. With interesting constructions using linens, cottons and polyester yarns, it is easy to mix it up and bring dimension and personality to your space.

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  • TERRELL 32J6521
  • STAMOS 69J6521
  • SHIELDS 69J6521
  • PIPPIN 63J6521
  • NOVAK 68J6521
  • MARDEN 13J6521
  • KOLLER 67J6521
  • GOLDBERG 64J6521
  • CRAWLEY 63J6521
  • BERKO 64J6521
  • BARNETT 62J6521
  • AMOS 64J6521
  • VALMONT 27J6651
  • TRINA 11J6651
  • TRILLIUM 18J6651
  • TABITHA 29J6651
  • SWANSON 29J6651
  • SUZETTE 27J6651
  • ROCHESTER 37J6651
  • PERTH 33J6651
  • ORSAY 37J6651
  • OPUS 35J6651
  • LENORE 38J6651
  • JOVAN 37J6651
  • JOVAN 37J6651
  • HUXLEY 36J6651
  • GRETCHEN 35J6651
  • GLOBE 36J6651
  • GLENDALE 38J6651
  • eMPTY
  • DUNDAS 34J6651
  • DEXTER 24J6651
  • CLARK 32J6651
  • BASSET 31J6651
  • AUGUST 38J6651
  • ANGOLA 37J6651
  • ABBOTT_39J6651
  • TRINA 64J6631
  • TRILLIUM 63J6631
  • TAMMY 67J6631
  • SULTAN 96J6631
  • SPADINA 52J6631
  • ROSARIO 63J6631
  • ROCKWOOD 62J6631
  • PURCEL 72J6631
  • PERTH 62J6631
  • OPUS 62J6631
  • OLGIVY 63J6631
  • NORWAY 24J6631
  • MONROE 63J6631
  • MONICA 61J6631
  • DUNDAS 26J6631
  • COMO 53J6631
  • CLARK 64J6631
  • ANDORRA 63J6631
  • YUKON 44J6641
  • VICTORIA 42J6641
  • TOLEDO 43J6641
  • SWANSON 42J6641
  • SHELLEY 24J6641
  • SUZETTE 44J6641
  • ROSARIO 25J6641
  • ROCKWOOD 46J6641
  • PURCEL 45J6641
  • PINTO 24J6641
  • PERTH 26J6641
  • ORSAY 44J6641
  • OPUS 45J6641
  • OLGIVY 25J6641
  • MONROE 23J6641
  • MILLER 24J6641
  • GLENDALE 32J6641
  • GARFIELD 33J6641
  • FINCH 58J6641
  • CLARK 27J6641
  • BETA 43J6641
  • ADELE 25J6641
  • WALDORF 13J6661
  • WALDORF 13J6661
  • TRINA 91J6661
  • TRILLIUM 96J6661
  • TRAVIS 97J6661
  • TABITHA 94J6661
  • SWANSON 13J6661
  • SUZETTE 95J6661
  • SULTAN 16J6661
  • ORSAY 15J6661
  • MONICA 14J6661
  • MILLER 97J6661
  • LINDON 96J6661
  • GLENDALE 12J6661
  • GARFIELD 13J6661
  • FULTON 17J6661
  • FINCH 15J6661
  • ESTATE 14J6661
  • DUNDAS 95J6661
  • COMO 94J6661
  • CLARK 16J6661
  • BELFORT 94J6661
  • ANDORRA 17J6661
  • ADELE 13J6661
  • ABBOTT 14J6661
  • ZEN 66J6611
  • WILTON 64J6611
  • TRAVIS 63J6611
  • SWANSON 68J6611
  • SUZETTE 68J6611
  • ROSARIO 64J6611
  • ROCKWOOD 67J6611
  • PINTO 65J6611
  • OLGIVY 67J6611
  • LENORE 69J6611
  • LANGLEY 62J6611
  • JOVAN 65J6611
  • HUXLEY 64J6611
  • GLENDALE 66J6611
  • GATEWAY 68J6611
  • GARFIELD 67J6611
  • FINCH 65J6611
  • DUNDAS 65J6611
  • DEXTER 64J6611
  • COMO 64J6611
  • CAPILANO 61J6611
  • BETA 62J6611
  • AXEL 62J6611
  • AUGUST 66J6611
  • ANGOLA 67J6611
  • ANDORRA 64J6611
  • ABBOTT 66J6611
  • WILTON 98J6621
  • TRINA 95J6621
  • TRILLIUM 32J6621
  • TOLEDO 94J6621
  • TAMMY 93J6621
  • SWANSON 98J6621
  • SUZETTE 31J6621
  • ROSARIO 97J6621
  • ROCHESTER 94J6621
  • PINTO 96J6621
  • PERTH 95J6621
  • ORSAY 97J6621
  • LOREN 99J6621
  • LORCA 95J6621
  • LINDON 99J6621
  • LANGLEY 93J6621
  • JOVAN 92J6621
  • HUXLEY 94J6621
  • GLENDALE 96J6621
  • GARFIELD 97J6621
  • FULTON 31J6621
  • FINCH 36J6621
  • ESTATE 95J6621
  • ENZO 98J6621
  • BONITA 91J6621
  • BETA 94J6621
  • AXEL 97J6621
  • AUGUST 98J6621
  • ANGOLA 92J6621

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