The Inspiration

Designers like Vera Wang, DVF, Ralph Lauren, Missoni & Dior agree; pattern and color are key to 2014 fashion.

Runways in all four major cities (New York, London, Paris & Milan) were covered in floral patterns with vines blended with geometrics and bold colors.

From raspberry reds to corals and cobalt blues to shimmering metallic, it was a feast for the eyes. The timing couldn’t be better as we find our interior spaces in need of personality. The colorful beauties; Fiesta, Monaco & Minerals, in our new Color Concepts and our Nobility books will certainly answer the call.

Pattern, Texture and Color

Although, texture always plays an important role in our interior spaces, it is pattern and color that take center stage in this trilogy. Patterns like watermark and flame stitch bring organic elements to the brightly colored collection.

No longer do we have to restrict geometric and stripes to the smaller pieces in the room, give them a leading role on the sofa. It’s all about mixing; using scale as the measure for a balanced room. Our newest launch not only boasts color but diversity with an all purpose well-colored velvet in our Swag collection; to a sparkling basic found in our Palazzo collection.


Suitable for all different types of upholsteries, many of the patterns in the glorious collection will travel well within your home.

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  • SWAG
  • WYATT 91J6471
  • TIBET 19J6471
  • SHELDON 99J6471
  • SAVOY 96J6471
  • LIBERTY 96J6471
  • KAREN 36J6471
  • JIMMY 39J6471
  • JAMISON 98J6471
  • HAYWARD 92J6471
  • DURHAM 36J6471
  • DIXIE 92J6471
  • DIOR 35J6471
  • CLARION 92J6471
  • CAPELLA 92J6471
  • BERKLEY 36J6471
  • ANTOINE 31J6471
  • ADAGIO 98J6471
  • WESSEX 16J6481
  • GLOUCESTER 18J6481
  • EVERETT 96J6481
  • EDINBURGH 17J6481
  • CORNWALL 57J6481
  • CAMBRIDGE 18J6481
  • BEATRICE 68J6481
  • ALFRED 58J6481
  • ALEXANDER 18J6481
  • ABNER 19J6481
  • TRICKERY 23J6461
  • TRANCE 34J6461
  • SPELL 17J6461
  • SNOOZE 37J6461
  • SLEEP 57J6461
  • SEPHORIC 17J6461
  • OBLIVION 28J6461
  • MEDITATION 78J6461
  • DELUSION 12J6461
  • BEWITCHED 32J6461
  • HUNTER 13J6501
  • TERRELL 29J6531
  • STAMOS 28J6531
  • SHIELDS 42J6531
  • REECE 41J6531
  • KOLLER 27J6531
  • GOLDBERG 55J6531
  • DUREN 44J6531
  • CARNEY 65J6531
  • BERKO 44J6531
  • BARNETT 25J6531
  • AMOS 43J6531
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